The Cutie Factory Project Diary!

Hey there! Welcome to my little corner of the internet where I'll be posting all of my cute creations!
This blog's purpose is to serve as a catalogue and portfolio for my etsy shop of the same name (which you can find here) so if you have any questions about anything feel free to ask!

(By the way, my main blog is symphoniclolita.)

Look at it

This adorable abomination of nature my sister is creating

I wasn’t prepared for this send help I’m dying it’s too cute


I got to finish this dolly of Ja’far (Magi) the other day! He was a gift for my sister (Symphonic Lolita). She has literally been walking around the house with him stuffed in her housecoat for days now. She can attest to it. 

(Also she took these pictures for me!)

He turned out really cute~ I’ll be making more of the Magi cast for selling this year!

Eeee my precioussss~
And yes, I have been carrying him around like a kangaroo. He’s the perfect size!
I need to return the favor now… Hurm…

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Hello everybody~ Hope you all had a good holiday season! Happy 2014!

I apologize for the dust collecting on this blog, I’ll be back up and running with more cute things shortly~ I have 3 shifts left in my seasonal job then I’m free to do sewing whenever I want~

I’ll be sticking to plushies and dolls from now on since they’ve been getting a better response all over -v-

I have a very elaborate dolly currently in progress! Stay tuned!

And thank you for all the followers ;u;

My next commission is finally done! It’s that time of the year when everyone gets crazy busy again (and the weather outside is most definitely frightful in my area - eep!)

Here we have some of the characters from the movie My Neighbor Totoro! These little guys will be making their way down to the US as a gift. They are made entirely out of fleece, super fuzzy and oh so cuddly!

I am open for plush commissions and suggestions! If there’s anything you want to see me make just send a note my way!

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Just thought I’d make a post for any of you who are unaware of this awesomely awesome event!

For all you crafters, gamers, and geekery enthusiasts, tune in to Desert Bus For Hope all next week starting Saturday at 10am Pacific Time to see a bunch of sleep-deprived people do silly things and give away some super cool prizes! Any and all donations are welcome with the proceeds going to a wonderful cause. The video has all the details.

Stop in even for an hour or two, and come experience the most happening place on the internet next week and hang out with one of the best online communities there is! I’ll be around all week ;)

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Made this for an online friend a while back. She was putting together a cosplay of Dimentio from Super Paper Mario but couldn’t find anything remotely close to his poncho, so I offered to take up the challenge. I’m still really proud of how it turned out, and she absolutely loved it!

I’m pretty sure I still have the pattern laying around somewhere…I want to try making this in different colors and seeing how it turns out.

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Finished my latest project today! Two little plushies modeled after the Pocket Pyro item from Team Fortress 2, made entirely of fleece and some spare buttons. They’re 8 inches tall, and fit well inside of hoodie and housecoat pockets :3

These little guys will soon be off to opposite ends of the US!

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And now to introduce you to my main export for the past 2 years: hand puppets! These little guys are super easy and inexpensive to make; they’re mainly made out of felt, though for some characters I opt for cotton because the color / texture is better, and yarn for the hair. They fit nearly anybody, and they make excellent gloves when it’s cold out (certified for Saskatchewan winters! haha!). 

Just posted a few pics of some of the ones I’ve made: the Allies from Hetalia, Sailor Moon, Link (the Wind Waker design), and Mituna from Homestuck. Tumblr user (and my friend) townofcans was the lucky recipient of that last guy.

Me and my sister have been making these to sell at our local con, the Saskatoon Blitz, for 2 years. (She’s showing off this year’s table with good ol’ Chiyo-Chichi in that last pic.) Year one nearly saw us completely sold out - everyone loved them! There was still lots of love this year, but people weren’t in as much of a buying mood. As a result we still have a whole box of puppets with us just waiting to have a new home. 

If you are interested in finding out what we have in stock, OR if you’d like me to make you your very own little friend, feel free to send me a note! I’d love to hear from you~

(I dare not tag this under homestuck… xD)

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Made this little guy for a former classmate at the end of last year: Kanda from D Gray Man!

He took sooo much work *o* But it was worth it, I’m still proud of how he turned out! (And I’m sure she still loves him to death)

I can make custom dolls such as this (if you are a fan of this particular design, then may I refer you to my sister’s sewing operations at BeamiesBuddies), so if you are interested in having your very own cuddly friend, let me know! I’ll be creating a few in my own style to show soon!

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